Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Challenges with living on Mars

Return Ticket please SJ 2.1.00

Work in pairs or individually to find information in the text and organise it into a table.  (First one has
been done for you.)

WALT identify the Challenges with living on Mars.

Not enough on Mars so people could not breathe the air
There is not a enough water
There is no live
Drifted through space and ended up on earth

Differences Between Earth And Mars

Return ticket, Please! SJ 2.1.00 - 2

I have started a table for you.  Please complete with the differences between Earth and Mars

3th planet from the sun
4rd planet from the sun
No life
No planets
No animals
Green and blue
Golden, brown, tan, and greenish
People been for long time
No one lives there

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Jamie-lee Jordyn and I  made this dome for our community on mars...

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Mars is in our solar system. It is 6780 km in diameter which is half the size of Earth.  This makes it the second smallest planet in our Solar System. Mars is 227.8 million km from the sun.  It is the fourth planet from the sun. it is the last inner planet. It takes 687 days for mars to orbit the sun.

Mars looks different than other planets. On  Mars there are two moons called Phobos and Deimos. Mars has a volcano called Olympus which is 27 km in height and is 3 times taller than Mount Everest. Mars is called the red planet because the color of mars is blood red.
ars is made out of rock iron and dust.
Mars history goes back a long way. It is named after the roman god of war. An Italian astronomer called Galileo was the first person to see Mars with a telescope. It can be seen in the night sky without the use of a telescope. Mariner 9 got launched on to mars in may 30 1971.

We were learning  put topic sentences in our writing and to describe how Mars if different to other planets.   

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My boat

This is my raft that I made. I Made it my self. I made it because it was one of my tasks that my teacher  pats up on my Chromebook. It does't flout. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Goals 2018

March 2018

Know how to choose books that are good
for me to read (they interest me and are at the right level for me to read by

  • To know halves and doubles  to 20
  • Learn how to use tidy numbers to solve problems eg 29 + ? = 52 as
  • (29 + 1) + 22

This term my goal is to make a brainstorm be for I do my writing.
My other goal is to give feedback on other peoples work

I need to settle quickly to the task the teacher gives me and
I need to go to the teacher when I need help with what I should be doing.