Monday, September 9, 2019

How I did my Passion Project

If you're wondering how I did my Passion Project, well I can tell you. I picked a topic then I started to write about my topic. I also drew pictures of the topic. Once you have done lots of you're amazing facts and pictures you then screenshot them incase you want to use wevideo. Then find some music from Youtube or Wevideo. Wevideo has music. I used Wevideo to make my passion project. If you type up wevideo and login you will now be ablel to use Wevideo. Wevideo can help you with your passion project. When you are in it you press create new. There is a star in the left corner. Next to it is a little folder with a star on it  When you press that you will then see a green button with a small arrow. If you press it you will find a blue button that says Browse to select. Now press it, it will come up with all of your pictures. Take all of your screenshots of your passion project. Once you've done that, drag them into the thing at the bottom make sure that the're in order. Once you're done that press the music symbel on the left side. It will come up with some music to put in with you're passion project. Once you have picked some music press it and then there will be a button that is blue and it says use this track press it then drag it to were you put your things. Once you've done that you will see the front of it on the right side. Press play then you will hear the music and see your slides. Once it is perfect press finish then something will pop up and you will see the drive symbol then press it then press EXPORT. Then wait for it to load then you're done.
Also if you want to put it on your blog go into your drive and find in your Wevideo folder then press it. Now click into it again. Press the three dots and press open in new window it will then appear as another copy in another tab. Then press the three dots and press Embed item then copy the thing then go to your blog and copy and paste it into HTML Then when you go to Compose it will apear and then your DONE!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Learning to do screencastify

On Sunday 4th of August. This is my second time seeing snow at my house. 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Transformation using grids

Today we found an accredited image on Explore and selected it to use on our page. We then put a 5x5 grid on it so we could copy the image and make it original. Mrs Minehan selected the first two images so we could understand the process, then we got to choose our own image.
I found the first one very challenging.
The second one was so hard that I haveint even started it yet.
I chose the image of korus because I want to do something that is hard and easy to do.
Have you ever tried to transform an image using a grid? How did you find the process?

Monday, June 24, 2019


TITLE : Animation
LABELS: Cybersmart

Think about what you have been learning over the last week and write a post about it.
I have been learning about animation in the past week. 
We were learning it so that we know all the tools on the slide on what to do and what not to do.
What I enjoyed most on doing Animation is duplicating the slide over and over again.
What I found challenging was when I have to find characters and backgrounds.
Have you ever made an Animation slide before?

Monday, June 10, 2019

My Maps

We learnt how to use Google MyMaps and then we got to look closely at our own environment and locate landmarks. For each landmark we found we had to name it, write something about it and find an image of it so that the pin on our map had information on it. This is my finished map of Kumara. Have you ever used MyMaps to locate places in your community?